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Bank and Money - Zestaw Kartoników do nauki słownictwa - Szablon angielski

aid mortgage
international aid health cover
humanitarian aid insurance
debt  interest 
development rate of interest
grant interest rate 
sustainable development money
to decline bank 
economy to buy
poverty to sell 
rich  to pay 
the haves  to purchase
the have nots current account 
poor  salary
destitute wage 
poverty alleviation saving account
GDP to withdraw
Gross Domestic Product withdrawal
debt servicing to take money out
to live on the breadline to draw money out
to live from hand to mouth to spend money
to impoverish  charge 
debtor  to lend
debt collection to borrow
to repay debt loan  
to cancel debt  to be in the red
to incur debt  to be in the black
deep poverty  ATM 
poverty threshold automated teller machine
poverty line cash machine
embargo bank balance
sanction bank statement
currency broker
currency exchange cheque
to boost  deposit
to be skint overdraft
to be broke stock exchange
to by rolling in it banknote 
to make ends meet cash
to be strapped for cash  bucks
to make cheque  out to  coin 
APR hard currency
annual percentage rate  foreign currency
expires date  to owe 
charge card to buy on credit
credit card discount
store card  reduction
debit card refund
cash card receipt
endowment policy fee
endowment fare
golden handshake bargain
lump sum  shop 
savings  store
share rip-off
stock income tax
loan shark  VAT
usurer Value Added Tax

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